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Kyoto Journal

I was happy to work with old friends at Kyoto Journal recently to share an excerpt from Eating Wild Japan with their readers. The excerpt describes my behind-the-scenes visit to the fabulous Uoka Restaurant, which serves 11-course meals featuring bamboo shoots in every course. Pick up a digital copy of issue #99 for $5 here.

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  • Winifred Bird

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Perks of having a fabulous artist for a mother: when you write a book, she can design a custom bookplate for you featuring a lady with fiddlehead hair and a leaf collar. I’m offering this signed bookplate to readers who purchase a copy of Eating Wild Japan: Tracking the Culture of Foraged Foods from, an online shop that supports independent bookstores and authors. Send proof of purchase to and I’ll send you a bookplate in return. Be sure to include your address (US residents only, please, while supplies last). And don’t forget to follow my mom, @julie.ditto, on Instagram!

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  • Winifred Bird

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

One thing I’ve been happily surprised by in recent feedback about Eating Wild Japan: Tracking the Culture of Foraged Foods is that readers seem to be picking up on just how obsessed I am with this topic. Case in point: in a recent interview on the New Books Network, host Nathan Hopson describes me as “animated by an obvious and effusive love of food, of travel, of people, and of the environment.” Pretty good summary of me! Check out the full interview at

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