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Kyoto Journal

I’m used to having a byline in the Japan Times, but being the subject of the story is a whole new experience. Thank you Kris Kosaka for this thoughtful review. Kris is an author as well - see her work at!

Kyoto Journal

I was happy to work with old friends at Kyoto Journal recently to share an excerpt from Eating Wild Japan with their readers. The excerpt describes my behind-the-scenes visit to the fabulous Uoka Restaurant, which serves 11-course meals featuring bamboo shoots in every course. Pick up a digital copy of issue #99 for $5 here.

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  • Winifred Bird

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Perks of having a fabulous artist for a mother: when you write a book, she can design a custom bookplate for you featuring a lady with fiddlehead hair and a leaf collar. I’m offering this signed bookplate to readers who purchase a copy of Eating Wild Japan: Tracking the Culture of Foraged Foods from, an online shop that supports independent bookstores and authors. Send proof of purchase to and I’ll send you a bookplate in return. Be sure to include your address (US residents only, please, while supplies last). And don’t forget to follow my mom, @julie.ditto, on Instagram!

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