When it comes to being exposed to toxic pollution, immigrants are among the most vulnerable groups of people in the United States. In this cover story for Pacific Standard magazine, environmental journalist Kevin Stark and I dove into the unexplored data on immigrants living near Superfund sites, and asked whether the Environmental Protection Agency is fulfilling its responsibility to inform and protect them. We focused in on two Midwestern communities – Fairmont City, Illinois, and East Chicago, Indiana – where long delays in cleaning up abandoned industrial sites have left residents exposed to (and often unaware of) heavy metals that threaten their health. This is a topic that needs more in-depth reporting as the current administration cracks down on immigration at the same time as it loosens environmental regulation. It’s my hope that this article will shine some much-needed sunlight on the issue! (The photo above is of the gates to an old zinc smelter in Fairmont City that today is an EPA-designated Superfund site.)