Tips for translating, editing, and writing in the Japanese-English borderlands

The Society of Writers, Editors, and Translators (SWET) is a professional organization for people whose work relates in some way to both Japan and the English language. Recently, several fellow members and I have launched two columns in the monthly newsletter: Wordwise, which is usually penned by Richard Medhurst and offers tips for tricky translation problems, and Toolbox, which is usually a review of a book, software, or other tool for working with words. The columns eventually make their way onto the SWET website where they are available for viewing by the general public.  Here are recent column topics and links:

Romanizing Japanese: Polishing the Finer Points

Translating チャレンジ

Translating 普及

Two Apps to Help You Transcribe Audio Files

Translating 聖地

Translating Academic Material

Translating 共生

Apps for Improving Productivity


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